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An overview over activities arranged by the Bergen Biomedical Research School.

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Introductory Seminar:
An annual half-day seminar for all new PhD students, with site-visits of the technology platforms at the Department of Biomedicine MIC, PROBE, and BiSS.

Early Stage Researcher Seminars:
A monthly meeting platform for PhD students and post docs, where one student will present his/her work, followed by light discussions over lunch (informal, does not qualify for credit points towards the PhD degree). Scheduled seminars will be announced in the web-calendar of the Department, by email, and on the information monitors.

Meet-The-Speaker Lunch
Two or three times per semester, Ph.D.-candidates are invited to an informal lunch-meeting with an international guest speaker from the BBB-seminar series. Here you will get a chance to get to know inspiring personalities, talk science or get career advise.

Midterm evaluation:
MEIBM900 -  compulsory progess evaluation, by means of a questionnaire, scientific presentation, and private conversations. Held individually, after 2/3 of the PhD-period. Accounts for 1 ECTS towards the training component of the PhD-programme.

"Get ready to submit": 
Seminar for phd-candidates in their last year. At this seminar, we will go through the final steps of the Ph.D.-programme at the Faculty of Medicine. We will address anything that you want to talk about, and give you the necessary information regarding:Trainig component, Forms and formalities, Extension, Thesis: format, scope, Timeline, Plagiarism, Press release, Trial lecture, Print, Defense, Graduation ceremony.

University courses offered by BBRS:
PhD candidates at the Department of Biomedicine are enrolled in the organized research training programme of the Faculty for Medicine. The following courses offered by BBRS qualify for credits towards this training programme.
BMED903 - Molecular Techniques for Cloning and Expressing of Eukaryotic Proteins (spring)
BMED904 - Matrix biology (spring, biennially)