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The Bergen Biomedical Research School (BBRS) is the research school of the Department of Biomedicine

The school is collectively supported by the individual research groups and the national technology platforms at the Department of Biomedicine. The central tenet of BBRS is to provide a broad and excellent platform for PhD education in the area of basic and translational biomedical science, that will supplement the research education offered by the Faculty of Medicine.

The main objectives of BBRS are to:
-offer research opportunities in areas covering basic, translational and clinically related biomedical science
- provide an attractive and stimulating international environment for PhD students
- establish an effective network for PhD students and alumni that will serve to promote interactions and collaborations beyond the PhD-period.

PhD training

Doctoral Courses at The Department of Biomedicine

An overview over activities arranged by the Bergen Biomedical Research School

Doctoral promotion


PhD Dissertations at The Department of Biomedicine

CCBIO Research School course
Microscope photo of cell.
Jun 03

Matrix Biology course

Welcome June 3-7 2019 to the course BMED904 Matrix Biology. Cell Biology and Physiology of the Extracellular Matrix.


PhD-candidates of the Department of Biomedicine are automatically members of the research school.

To become a PhD-candidate here, please contact the research groups that are interesting to you directly or check here for open PhD-positions.

Contact info

Leader of the research school:
Marion Kusche-Gullberg
+47 55 58 66 90

Administrative contact person:
Margarethe Bittins
phone: +47 55 58 63 70