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The Bergen Research School in Inflammation:

The Bergen Research School in Inflammation (BRSI) is a multidisciplinary research school covering basic, translational and clinical research training at both the University of Bergen and Haukeland University Hospital. BRSI was formally established in 2005 as the first research school at the Medical Faculty and one of the first at the University of Bergen. The reseach school is lead by Professor Helena Harris, Head of the Broegelmann Research Laboratory and provides courses and arranges lectures with respected experts in their field.

The research school courses are available for all students interested in the field of inflammation. Students interested in participation or courses hosted by the research school can contact Richard Davies or the appropriate course coordinator.


The Research School is focused on the field of inflammation 

Inflammation is used by the body to fight infection and heal injuries. However if not properly controlled inflammation may cause illness. 5 to 7% of the world's population has an immune mediated inflammatory disease (IMID). IMID consist of a diverse range of diseases but they all have uncontrolled inflammation in common. Uncontrolled inflammation can lead to organ damage and is associated with increased morbidity and/or mortality.  The study of the biology of inflammation hence has the potential to benefit suffers from a diverse set of diseases commonly associated with its dysregulation.  


Primary objectives: 

The research school offers courses, seminars and workshops with the aim of improving the quality of PhD and post-graduate training in inflammation. Additionally the research school aims to encourage collaboration and open discussion among students and researchers working in the field.


In practice: 

In accordance with its objectives, BRSI provides a hub for junior researchers within various areas of inflammation associated fields scattered throughout the University of Bergen. We offer a range of courses to strengthen inflammation and immunological education at the University of Bergen. Further researchers, clinicians, students, PhD candiates and postdocs from different research groups are given the opportunity to meet and discuss theirs and others research. The opportunity to discuss their own work to a larger more diverse group allows stronger feedback, support, reflection and critical evaluation than a researcher may otherwise recieve within their research group alone.

Regular lectures with invited speakers from external institutions are organised providing networking opportunity for both young and senior researchers where one-on-one meetings are organized to discuss research.

ECTS accredited courses and informal workshops are organized through the research school, providing oppotunities for master students and phD candidates to develop subject-specific knowledge.