Bergen Summer Research School

Open Debate @ BSRS 2017

Walls, Fences and Borders in the Wake of Globalisation

What is the relevance of borders in a time when certain aspects of globalisation are challenged?


Frontier in winter

Protectionism and the tendency of some countries to focus inwards, to withdraw from international treaties and to question the utility of international economic and political cooperation are gaining momentum. Meanwhile, the digital and technological globalization is gaining momentum and global challenges seem more interconnected than ever.

What are the purposes of borders in 2017? How relevant are traditional borders for coping with contemporary security and development challenges? And what are the unintended consequences of stricter border control? Are we headed for the old system of inward-oriented nation states or towards a more interconnected and interdependent world?

The session starts with brief presentations by the panellists, and will continue with a moderated debate.

Antonio De Lauri, senior researcher at Chr. Michelsen Institute is currently works on humanitarian militarism and the global history of walls and fences. De Lauri has conducted research in Afghanistan and Pakistan and has published on issues related to legal reconstruction, human rights, injustice, corruption, judicial practice, war, forms of extreme dependence, freedom, humanitarianism.

Hege Toje, former postdoc of social anthropology at UiB, is tied to the research project She has studied, by means of ethnographic comparison, borders that emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union. She has a special interest in state formation, politics, history, spatiality, mobility, border and boundaries.

Ståle Ulriksen, research fellow and lecturer at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy, is especially interested in defence and security policy. Ulriksen has served in the expert commission on Norwegian defence policy and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ expert commission on security policy.

Moderator: Åse Gilje Østensen, postdoc at Chr. Michelsen Institute. Her key research interests include the role of private security and military industry in international operations, security sector reform, maritime security, UN peace operations and multilateral military interventions.

The debate is part of the Bergen Summer Research School and is open to the public.