Research School on Changing Climates in the Coupled Earth System

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NamePositionInstitutionField of expertice
Ylvan OrsoliniSenior ScientistNorwegian Institute for Air ResearchMiddle atmosphere - crysophere - atmosphere interactions
Arto MiettinenResearch ScientistNorwegian Polar InstitutePaleoceanography, diatoms
Erik Kolstad Uni ClimateMeteorology
Trond IversenDeputy Research Director,  Professor IIUniversity of Oslo / MET NorwayAtmospheric dynamics, Aerosols and climate, ESM, Predictability, NWP
Arild SundfjordSenior ScientistNorwegian Polar InstitutePhysical Oceanography, upper-ocean vertical mixing and heat fluxes, numerical ocean modeling
Kenny MatsuokaResearch ScientistNorwegian Polar InstituteGlaciology
Dmitry DivineResearch ScientistNorwegian Polar Institutepaleoclimatology, paleoceanography, methods of data analysis
Emil JeanssonResearcher IIUni Research ClimateChemical oceanography, ocean carbon cycle, water mass transformation, Nordic Seas
Katrine HusumScientistNorwegian Polar Institute paleoclimate
Peter HauganProfessorUniversity of BergenOceanography, renewable energy and energy transition
Richard MooreAssociate ProfessorUniversity of OsloDynamical Meteorology and High Impact Weather
Lena M. TallaksenProfessorUniversity of OsloHydrology, hydroclimatology, extremes, evapotranspriation, drought
Marius JohanssenAssociate ProfessorThe University Centre in SvalbardMeteorology
Jan Sverre LabergProfessorUniveristy of TromsøGlaciated continental margins
Bjarte HannisdalResearcherUniversity of BergenGeobiology
Kristoffer RypdalProfessorUniversity of TromsøNonlinear dynamical systems modeling, stochastic-dynamical modeling, energy-balance models, time-series analysis, detection and attribution studies
Rune GraversenProfessorUniversity of TromsøDynamical Meteorology, Climate Dynamics, Cryosphere Science
Henrik Hovland SvensenResearch ProfessorUniversity of OsloVolcanism and paleoclimate
Paul HezelPostdocUniversity of BergenSea ice, Arctic climate and influence on large scale dynamics
Kerim NisanciogluProfessorUniversity of BergenClimate Dynamics, Paleoclimate
Carin Andersson DahlResearcher IUNI Research ClimateMarine paleoclimatology, sclerochronology
Haflidi HaflidasonProfessorUniversity of BergenMarine geology, Quarternary stratigraphy, Tephra
Joachim ReuderProfessorUniversity of BergenMeteorology
Monica WinsborrowResearcherUniversity of TromsøPalaeo-glaciology, Gas hydrates
Kjetil VågeResearcherUniversity of BergenPhysical Oceanography
Bjørg RisebrobakkenResearcherUNI Research ClimatePaleoclimate, Paleoceanography
Amadine TisserandResearcherUNI Research ClimatePaleoclimatology
John BurkhartAssociate ProfessorUniversity of Oslohydrology, arctic systems, aerosols
Pål Erik IsachsenProfessorUniversity of OsloPhysical oceanography
Ilker FerProfessorUniversity of BergenPhysical oceanography
Jostein BakkeProfessorUniversity of BergenPaleoclimatology, glaciers, lake sediments, polar climate, sub-antartica, geo-hazards
Sebastian GerlandSenior scientist and section leaderNorwegian Poalr InstituteArctic sea ice mass and energy balance, longterm monitoring, process studies
Tor EldevikProfessorUniversity of BergenThe role of ocean in climate using observations, conceptual and numerical models
Harald SodemannAssociate ProfessorUniversity of BergenAtmospheric water cycle; Stable water isotopes; Meteorology; Paleoclimate interpretation
Thomas SchellenbergerPostdocUniversity of OsloRemote Sensing / Glaciers / Snow
Nadine GroisResearcherUNI Research ClimateCarbon cycle, Earth system modelling
Ulysses NinnemannProfessorUniversity of BergenPaleoceanography, isotope geochemistry, paleoclimate
Joe LaCasceProfessorUniversity of OsloPhysical oceanography
Frode StordalProfessorUniversity of OsloAtmospheric chemistry, atmosphere - land surface interactions (LATICE)
Igor EsauProfessorNERSCMeteorology, climatology
Tine L. RasmussenProfessorUniversity of TromsøPaleoceanography, paleoclimatology
Rannveig SkoglundAssociate ProfessorUniversity of BergenPhysical geography, speleology, hydrogeology
Riko NoormetsAssociate ProfessorUNISMarine geology and geophysics, sea floor hydrocarbon seeps, Polar marine sedimentary environments, climate change
Svein Olaf DahlProfessorUniversity of BergenPalaeoclimatology, glaciers, geohazards
Pål Erik IsachsenProfessorUniversity of OsloPhysical oceanography
Jerry TjiputraResearcherUNI ResearchOcean biogeochemical cycles, ESM modeling
Øyvind BreivikSenior scientist / Professor IINorwegian Meteorological Institute and University of BergenWave modelling, wave climate, wave-ocean coupled processes, air-sea interaction, upper-ocean processes, trajectory modelling
Casper Tai ChristiansenPostdocUNI ResearchArctic terrestrial ecosystem ecology, carbon cycling, biogeochemistry, remote field work, winter processes, climate change