Research School in Clinical Medicine

Winners of research presentations from 2009

Eirunn W. Saure

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At the beginning of each year, the Research School allows researchers from all three clinical departments (Clinical Medicine, Medicine, and Surgical sciences) who have presented at scientific meetings and conferences during the previous year, to present their work again to fellow researchers and the general audience at Haukeland University Hospital.

This year the  presentations was held from January 25th-29th 2010, and at Friday 29th the prize winners were announced.

The winners are:

Winners of best poster:
1. Marta Ebbing
2. Bjørn Jostein Christensen
3. Magnus Hilland

Winners of oral presentations:
1. Elisabeth Wik
2. Elisabeth Silden
3. Kristian K. Starheim

Best communication 2010:
Eirik Søfteland
Creditable remark:
Magnus Hilland
Inga-Cecilie Sørheim
Øyvind Thomassen

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