Research Unit for Health Surveys

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Ongoing studies

  • HUSK3 - The Hordaland Health Study
  • RHINESSA - Respiratory Health In Northern Europe, Spain and Australia
  • CARBFUNC - The importance of carbohydrates for the reduction of obesity and health risks
  • PANGUT - Case study on incretin effect
  • BREAD STUDY - Fiber bread intervention
  • THE IDA STUDY - Individualized blood pressure treatment



Research Unit for Health Surveys (RUHS) is a new core facility at the University of Bergen for the implementation of research projects not requiring hospital infrastructure. RUHS is a collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine (MOF) and Haukeland University Hospital (HUS), and administratively subject to the department of Clinical Science. RUHS is partial financed by Trond Mohn Fundation (TMS).

RUHS assists research groups from different academic communities, and studies conducted at RUHS includes observational studies, interventional studies, population surveys, longitudinal studies, pediatric studies. Surveys are performed on healthy volunteers and patients with mild state of disease.   


100 Years of Respiratory Health In Northern Europe, Spain and Australia

RHINESSA aims to provide information on causal and preventive factors of asthma, allergies and associated diseases across three generations. It will thereby contribute to improved clinical management and more efficient prevention.