Division of Student and Academic Affairs

Assessment and Examination

Section for Studies Administration has tasks linked with the practical aspects of administering examinations.

Main content

Some of these tasks are

  • planning and carrying out school examinations
  • adaptation of examinations in cases of special needs
  • checking examination marks and records of examinations
  • administration of the electronic examination archive

You will find student-related information about examinations at UiB here.

Practical aspects of administering examinations

Important tasks in conjunction with practically administering examinations at the University of Bergen

  • Find suitable premises for the examination
  • Set up and publish examination plans
  • Hire invigilators and develop a plan for deploying them during examinations
  • Preparedness during the examination

Contact persons in the department for the practical aspects of exam administration:


Control and mark assessment

Important tasks in conjunction with control and mark-assessment of examination papers and exam reports:

  • Control of evaluation reports
  • Control and registration of external education

Employees of the Division of Student Affairs who are involved in control routines and exam assessment:


Accommodation of examinations

The Division of Student Affairs can make special provisions for students who require exam support materials or extra time to complete the exam.

Staff members of the Division of Student Affairs who process applications for special adaptation of the examination: