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The academic communities within the fields of pharmacy, computer science and interprofessional workplace learning in health want to become Centres for Excellence in Education (SFU). The initiative aims to strengthen the development of educational quality in many fields.
Will gather all student feedback in one infrastructure.
Do you want to welcome new international students and get a new friend?
Norwegian research is becoming increasingly cited and research from the University of Bergen is in a class of its own.
The University of Bergen has received an “Excellent International Student Satisfaction Award”.
All important letters from the University of Bergen directly to your digital mailbox.
In October a number of students will be receiving the national student survey from NOKUT.
An exchange student at the University of Bergen has died in a tragic accident at Trolltunga, Norway.
The University of Bergen welcomes 359 new international students in the spring semester 2015. The number has increased by 80 students from spring 2014. This is the highest number of international students ever admitted at UiB in a spring semester.
UiB's new blogger wishes to write for both prospective and current international students about what student life is like for an international student at our university.
Students and researchers from Europe and North-America join the UiB course «Advanced Climate Dynamic Course» every year.
A recent poll shows that international students are pleased with the University of Bergen.
Become conscious of how you learn and be aware of the factors that contribute to your own motivation.
Monday 6 January the University of Bergen will be welcoming our new international students to Bergen and the university.
Starting 1 October all students at UiB will more easily be able to manage their studies online, as well as receiving administrative help at their faculty. Increased availability for the students at UiB has been one of the main objects for the changes made.
The tragic events in Oslo and at Utøya have affected many people.
Being a new student at the University of Bergen, having just arrived in Bergen and Norway, must be challenging. Or is it?
There was plenty of crash, bang and wallop when approximately 170 exchange students of varying abilities enjoyed themselves on the slopes during this year’s Ski Day at Eikedalen.