SapienCE Annual Report 2019 is out

The report provides an insight to our exciting activities taking place throughout the calendar year.

Blombos Cave
ANNUAL REPORT 2019: The SapienCE Annual Report 2019 is now published!
Ole Fredrik Unhammer

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"Over the year, we have moved out of the ‘toddler’ stages of 2018 and are now maturing into a strongly cohesive research group that is addressing cutting-edge scientific questions," says Christopher Henshilwood, director of SapienCE.

The focus of the research continues to be the origins of early Homo sapiens behaviour in southern Africa between 120 000 – 50 000 years ago. Our key questions remain pertinent: When did humans first become behaviourally modern? What cognitive skills did these people have? How adaptable were they to climate and environmental change?  

Our annual report provides an insight to our exciting projects and activities that have taken place throughout the year.

Read about the highlights of SapienCE in the 2019 Annual report.