SDG Bergen

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SDG Bergen is a University of Bergen strategic initiative to engage in science diplomacy, in particular towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The university is official SDG14, Life below water, Hub for United Nations Academic Impact and the International Association of Universities.

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A student at the University of Bergen in the fish laboratory.

Celebrating 2 years as ocean science hub

On UN Day 2018 – 24 October, the University of Bergen was announced as the official UNAI Hub for SDG14 – Life below water. Two years on, we look at what has been achieved during this time.

Biology students from the University of Bergen during field work north of Bergen on the west coast of Norway.

A contribution to the ocean science decade

A new interdisciplinary project to create research leaders for marine sustainability is a prime part of the University of Bergen’s engagement with the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

Marine microorganisms in a a watertank at the Sars Centre at the University of Bergen.

Ocean science in the age of Covid-19

How can the ocean provide knowledge and research for the medicine and food of the future? The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the world community that biodiversity is key to securing solutions for the future and how dependent we are of the secrets of the ocean.

Photo of the Santa Fe neighbourhood in Mexico City, from the Unequal Scenes series.

A global approach to inequality and pandemics

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the research programme GRIP launched a series of interviews on global inequality in March 2020. With more than 20 interviews out, GRIP is now looking at how to bring the debate on inequality into the mainstream.

Starfish / Sjøstjerne

UN ocean science series in June 2020

In October 2018 the University of Bergen was given a lead role on SDG14, Life below water, by United Nations Academic Impact. Now the university has been asked to present a four-part series for inspiration on ocean research and education. The UN distributes the series globally.


UiB has established Ocean Sustainability Bergen (OSB), a virtual centre partaking in scientific advice directed at authorities and international bodies. The centre engages with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is part of the university's strategic initiative, SDG Bergen.