SDG Conference Bergen


Day Zero: Wednesday 6 February 2019

The 2019 SDG Conference in Bergen will include a new and exciting addition to the conference programme: Day Zero on 6 February. Register your event before 15 November 2018!

Day Zero: Wednesday 6 February 2019 is intended to allow interested parties to:

  • self-organize and run half day workshops and side events on selected topics related to the main conference
  • provide outreach to audiences beyond the conference

UiB has reserved a series of possible Day Zero event venues nearby the main conference site (venues tbc). These will be provided free of charge to events that are accepted as relevant to the conference. Each event organizer is responsible for the programme and any related expenses such as food and drink, travel, etc.

Participation in Day Zero events is free of charge.

Deadline for submissions: 15 November 2018

At the close of of Day Zero, UiB will host an early evening gathering for pre-conference interaction and mingling (venue tbc).

Day Zero events will be listed on the conference website.

We are considering having a poster session as part of the conference. If you have a project combining research or education with the 2030 Agenda, please submit a proposal for a poster presentation.

For questions about Day Zero or the conference, please send us an e-mail.