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The UiBhjelp Service Portal

UiBhjelp is a self service solution where employees and students may find information about administrative services, and register and follow calls to administrative support services.

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Where can I find UiBhjelp?

You can find UiBhjelp on https://hjelp.uib.no 

How do I use UiBhjelp?

Check out our tutorial videos and user manuals here

Would you like more information about this?

An open team, UiBhjelp og Felles service has been created that anyone can follow, where information and updates will be published.

Click on “Create and join team” under your team list, and look for the “Join a team with a code” card. Enter the code: 2fjeevf

About the introduction project


The preliminary study to assess solution concepts “Handling inquiries at the University of Bergen” suggested

acquisition of a new “Service Management" system for the University. The IT Division was asked to further assess and develop this proposed concept.

At about the same time, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) started working on acquisition of an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system. The University of Bergen decided to undertake this procurement in partnership with several other institutions in the sector and has, after thorough assessment, purchased the system TOPdesk, which has also been chosen by NTNU.


Introduction of an ESM system will provide a number of benefits for the University of Bergen:

  • A common ESM system for large parts of the sector will open new opportunities for collaboration, sharing and streamlining across institutions. It can be used as a platform for developing common routines and processes, for collaboration on a common system portfolio and for the exchange of information and expertise. A common system will also help streamline operations and administration, compared with each institution having a different system.

A modern ESM system will provide the functionalities that the University needs to develop and deliver modern services:

  • A user portal that provides access to information, self-help features and services for areas and disciplines will ensure easier access to information, better quality of services and faster assistance, and at the same time reduce the number of cases that have to be dealt with by the various administrative divisions (1st and2nd line).
  • Workflow and process modelling capabilities will enable automation and simplification of work processes, allowing faster service, less work for both the users and the administrative divisions, and greater efficiency and better quality in administrative processes.


The main objectives of a new service portal are:

  • A single gateway to administrative services
  • Information and inquiries in one place
  • Employees and students get help more quickly
  • Automation and increased self-service
  • Better flow and coordination of cases between divisions


The planning phase has ended, and TOPdesk will deliver a new service portal platform (Enterprise service management system). The implementation phase started on 4 June with a project manager from TOPdesk and around 25 participants from the University of Bergen. A two-phase project plan has been prepared in collaboration with TOPdesk:

  • Phase 1 – up until October 2019: Launch a simple service portal and self-service solution (to replace Issuetracker)
  • Phase 2 – May 2020: Flesh out the service portal and self-service solution

 Project organisation                                                                   

Steering committee

  • Tore Burheim, IT Division (project owner)
  • Tore Tungodden, University Director’s Office
  • Mathilde Holm, Learning Lab
  • Tor Godal, Communication Division
  • Elisabeth Muller Lysebo, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Alette Gilhus Mykkeltvedt, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Christen Soleim, Division of Student and Academic Affairs
  • Per Arne Foshaug, Financial Services

 Project manager

  • Ronny Jordalen, IT Division

Project participants

  • Kristian Holst, IT Division
  • Jon Steine, IT Division
  • Mette Benserud, IT Division
  • Angela Tuck, IT Division
  • Ivo Beijersbergen, IT Division
  • Elin Bjørndal, IT Division
  • Nina Fox, Division of Student and Academic Affairs
  • Martine Elisabeth Langaard, Division of Student and Academic Affairs
  • Lena Kleveland, Division of Student and Academic Affairs
  • Olaug Eiksund, Division of Human Resources
  • Silje Marie Bjerkeng, Division of Human Resources
  • Hans-Petter Isaksen, Communication Division
  • Grethe Borvik Holmstrøm, Communication Division
  • Ernst Pedersen, Financial Services
  • Christian Hartvedt, Financial Services
  • Svein Bjarne Langvad, Estate and Facilities Management Division
  • Anne-Britt Nævdal Lavik, Estate and Facilities Management Division
  • Trude Hals, University of Bergen Library
  • Trude Færevaag, University of Bergen Library
  • Kristin Kalvik, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Tine Charlotte Overå, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences


  • Annemarie Wolfrat, TOPdesk
  • Phil Martinez, TOPdesk
  • Martijn Meyer, TOPdesk