Course of study

Structure of Information Science, Master's, 2 years

Masterprogram i informasjonsvitenskap (requirement 120 SP)
Kursdelen (requirement 60 SP)
Mandatory course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
INFO300Research Project Design for Information Science151–22
Elective course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
INFO310Research Topics in Model-Based Information Systems151–2
INFO318Research Topics in Cognitive Computing 151–2
INFO319Research Topics in Big Data 151–2
INFO320Research Topics in Semantic Information Systems151–2
INFO323Data Architectures for Information Retrieval and Web Intelligence151–2
INFO331Research Topics in Software Engineering 151–2
INFO333Research Topics in Information Systems Development151–2
INFO345Research Topics in Recommender Systems151–2
INFO352Research Topics in Technology Enhanced Learning151–2
INFO361Research Topics in Human-Computer Interaction151–2
INFO362Research Topics in Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and social computing151–2
INFO371Research Topics in Networks and Text Analysis151–2
INFO381Research Topics in Artificial Intelligence151–2
INFO382Logic for Multi-agent Systems151–2
INFO383Research Topics in AI Ethics151–2
INFO384Blockchain technology and formal methods15-
Oppgavedelen (requirement 60 SP)
Mandatory course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
INFO390Master's Thesis in Information Science603–4
Mandatory course
Veiledningsavtale skal inngås innen 2. semester
Student exchange
Elective course
Utveksling, ett semester
SP = ECTS credits, S = Semester, R = Recommended semester