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About the Norwegian Language Collections

The Language Collections are an important scientific resource consisting of physical archive material and electronic linguistic resources (both digitized and digitally developed). The collections have been the basis for preparing standard dictionaries (lexicography) and for Norwegian name research.

Main content

The language collections are a comprehensive documentation archive in time and space for the Norwegian language. The collections are vital for current research and governance as well as being of great potential for future scientific research. For the standardization of the Norwegian language and other purposes of a scientific or technological nature, it is essential that the collections at any time can provide relevant and durable documentation and open and freely accessible data.

The language collections contain digital collections for dictionaries (lexicography), name research, dialectology and Old Norwegian. In addition, several terminological resources have recently been added to the collections. See the selection in the menu to the right.

The collections were previously located at the University of Oslo, but from 2016 were transferred to the University of Bergen.