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Introduction to offshore wind energy

Do you want a broad and basic introduction to offshore wind energy? Bergen Offshore Wind Centre (BOW) offers a free online course, aimed at anyone interested. Open for registrations!

Havvind - nytt videreutdanningskurs ved UiB
Offshore wind energy is a fast developing industry, with huge market potential. New online course gives you a basic introduction.

Main content

Norway has a lot of great export potential for services and products in offshore wind, a market that is growing strongly, especially in Europe. Norway has set a target of 30 GW offshore wind energy by 2040. This is a target for the installed capacity as well as projects in the development phase. We are thus going to build an offshore wind energy system of similar size as our hydropower system in less than 20 years! 

This will require a major upscaling of the capacity and competence within all aspects of offshore wind energy in the years ahead. 

Bergen Offshore Wind Centre (BOW) has together with partners developed an online introduction course, which will give you a broad broad outline of the fast developing offshore wind technology, which can serve as a first step on the path to deeper and more specific knowledge. The course will be supplemented with more specialized courses later, where we take a closer look at some of the key issues related to offshore wind farms.

This online introduction course is however open for anyone and you do not need any special background from wind energy or power systems.

Course content

The course is 100% online and consists of seven main modules altogether, touching upon these themes:

  1. Perspectives and central concepts of offshore wind energy
  2. Basics of wind turbines
  3. Wind as renewable energy resource
  4. Foundation and anchoring of wind turbines
  5. Electrical systems
  6. Legal framework for offshore wind: global, Europe and financing
  7. Societal and environmental aspects

The course is a self-study course, and has no online classes or tutoring, student seminars, assignments, course credits or exams. You simply follow the video lectures in each module and answer quizzes or questions at the end of most modules. 

How do I join the course? 

The course is open for registration and you can register whenever you want. Register via the link below. 

Within approx. 1 week after registration, you will receive an email with an invitation to log in to the learning platform Mitt UiB, where you will gain access to the course itself.


Attention: Some users are experiencing problems trying to register through their employers’ networks. We have detected that in some cases firewall policies might interfere with the registration process, making it impossible to register. 

If you are experiencing troubles during the registering process (i.e., the landing website after registering not loading), please try the following steps:

  1. Connect your PC to a different network. For example, if you are using your job PC, try again from home or tethering via your mobile network (important: make sure you are NOT connected to your employer’s network via a VPN).
  2. Use your cell phone / pad while connected to your mobile network or to a different network.
  3. Register through your private machine at home in case you have one.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us.

Questions or want more information?

Please contact Bergen Offshore Wind Centre (BOW) if you have any questions, or want to know more about the introduction course or the upcoming spezialised courses.