Center for Modeling of Coupled Subsurface Dynamics
CSD Annual meeting

VISTA CSD Annual meeting 29-30 March 2022

On the 29th and 30th of March 2022, VISTA CSD team members at UiB assembled in Solstrand to discuss research plans and progress of research activities under CSD. Volker Oye from NORSAR joined us as a collaborating partner. As a guest speaker, Assoc. Prof. Bjarte Hannisdal from the Department of Earth Science gave a talk on earth systems and challenges they face.

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Five PhD candidates at our two departments gave an update on their research, and we welcomed PhD candidate Daniel Holmen who recently started in his position. Researchers Ivar Stefansson and Omar Duran gave an overview on the developments in their projects. Lars Ottemöller presented the history of earthquake monitoring in Norway. Volker Oye provided an interesting insight into the physics of fracture propagation due to fluid injection. The presentations also involved discussion and question sessions. Activities in which the participants got the chance to get acquainted with each other, accompanied the work events. Below you will find a list of given talks.

Day 1 – 29th of March, Research pillar P2: Fundamentals of Induced Subsurface Deformation

Simulation technology for injection-related fault and fracture reactivation and induced seismicityIvar Stefansson
Solvers for mixed-dimensional flow and mechanics on the fracture-matrix interfaceNadia Skoglund Taki
Estimating earthquake ground motionMaren Kjos Karlsen
Earthquake monitoring in NorwayLars Ottemöller
Interpretation of fluid-induced seismicity patternsVolker Oye

Day 2 – 30th of March, Research pillar P1: Groundbreaking Modelling Concepts for Deformation in Porous Rocks


A mixed-dimensional model for fracture mechanics using the linear theory of Cosserat continuum

Omar Yesid Duran Triana
Molar formulations for compositional flow in porous media with phase changeVeljko Lipovac
Numerical modeling of injection-induced fracture propagation in poroelastic mediaTrung Hau Dang
Mathematical framework for handling complex geometriesDaniel Førland Holmen
Microseismical imaging using rock physics-based full-waveform inversionUjjwal Shekhar ; Morten Jakobsen
The Challenge of Earth SystemsBjarte Hannisdal