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Planning your Arrival

Planning your arrival

Plan your arrival and get ready to study at UiB.


There are a number of things you need to attend to before moving to another country to live and study. We have tried to address a few of the most urgent issues to take into consideration.

1. Immigration tasks

2. Travel and health insurance

Make sure that you have valid travel and health insurance.

3. Book flights

Before you buy your tickets:

4. Officially register as a student at UiB

Register at Studentweb

You will receive registration guidelines by email around early December. We recommend that you begin your registration process as early as possible.

Remember to be aware of general and course specific deadlines.

5. What to pack

Familiarise yourself with Norwegian customs and regulations.

Full degree students must bring documentation of official original transcripts and diploma for final verification by UiB.

Items that may be needed during your stay:

  • Bedding: Duvet, sheets, pillow cases 
  • Towel(s), washcloths and standard toiletries.
  • Practical clothes: Bring layers. Raingear and temperate and cold weather clothing should be emphasized. Norwegians tend to dress in a practical, sporty and/or casual way.
  • Pratical shoes: Waterproof and comfortable shoes are ideal. Hiking boots often come in handy.
  • Textbooks: Take a look at this blog post from our international student blogger.
  • Up-to-date prescription glasses if needed (bring a backup pair if possible).
  • Necessary medications: If applicable, have your doctor give you a copy of prescriptions you have to fill regularly, so you can pass them along to a Norwegian doctor and then get them filled in Norway.

Other packing tips:


What to expect and ways to prepare