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Submitting the thesis and applying for evaluation

The thesis and application for evaluation are submitted digitally


Information for the candidate:

The thesis must be submitted at least twelve weeks prior to the defence. See this link for information on the submission procedure.

Note: your training component must be approved before you can submit your thesis. See this page for more information on approval of the training component.

When the thesis is submitted, you can start working on the press release (must be in Norwegian), see this link for more information. The deadline for submitting the press release is three weeks prior to the defense.

Information for the supervisor:

The candidate need to submit a co-author declaration together with the thesis. The main supervisor needs to write this before the candidate submits the PhD thesis. Below is a template for the co-author declearation. 

In addition the supervisor must suggest an assessment committee and date and time for the defense. Please, use the attached form below: "Forslag til bedømmelseskomitè". It can be submitted to the PhD coordinator, either by email or in person.

See the regulations page 17 for information on the requirements for the assessment committee.

The PhD coordinator will collect declarations of impartiality from all three members of the committee.