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Study start autumn 2023

Meet the Faculty of Psychology

We would like to wish all new exchange students welcome to the Faculty of Psychology. We are delighted you have chosen us as your exchange destination, and we all look forward to meet you in January. We hope the information below provides you with useful information to help facilitate the start of your spring semester with us.

Studenter på Ulriken


Semester Start

Welcome Program

UiB offers a welcome program Thursday, January 4 for all new international students. More information is found here.

Meet the Faculty of Psychology - Friday January 5

All new incoming exchange students at the Faculty of Psychology are invited to an information meeting with a following lunch on Friday January 5, at Christies gate 12 (the Psychology Building). During the meeting you will meet the Vice-Dean for Education, the International Coordinator, student representatives from the Student Psychology Association (PSF) and the student bar at the Faculty of Psychology, "Kurerbar".

Place: Christies gate 12, auditorium 128 (first floor)

Time: 11:00 - 12:30


  • Welcome to the Faculty of Psychology by the Vice-Dean for Education, Yael Harlap
  • Practical Information by the International Coordinator, Toril Salen, with representatives from the Exam group and the Information Center
  • Information about PSF and Kurerbar by student representatives
  • Q & A 

Lunch: Christies gate 12, Kurerbar

Time: 12:30- 14:00 

Practical Information

 Remember the semester registration deadline is February 1.

  •  Make sure that your exam dates and lectures do not conflict with each other.
  •  It is not possible to make individual exam arrangements.
  •  MittUiB is your personal platform for lectures, seminars, time schedules, curriculum, messages, course information, etc.
  •  For signatures on your Learning Agreement and Confirmation of Arrival/Departure, please contact the Student Information Centre  at the Faculty of Psychology, Christies gate 12 (main floor)
  • Arrival and Directions for new students - arrival information   
  • More information for new students is found here

Students with Special Needs

If you have a disability and need special arrangements, please contact us as soon as possible so we can find a good solution for you.

The Faculty of Psychology can help you find solutions to support your learning environment experience. Please send an email to info.psyfa@uib.no

Special Arrangments for Examinations

The special arrangements are meant to compensate for disadvantages such as illness, injury or disability, enabling candidates to be tested as equally as possible. You find all the necessary information here.

Student Card

Obtain your Student Card at the Card Center. Opening hours hours from 09:00-14:00.