Cellular Networks

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cancer cells

Networks in normal and diseased cell systems

We study signaling events and metabolism in various phases of tumor development, including tumor growth and metastasis. 

We use multidisciplinary approaches employing biochemistry, cell based systems, molecular biology, animal models, and collaborations with pharmaceutical industry and clinical research.

Halberg lab

The Cancer Society Gives Millions to Nils Halberg

Nils Halberg from the Department of Biomedicine will receive almost 8 million kroner from the Norwegian Cancer Society for his research on obesity and pancreatic cancer.

Ordfører Marte Mjøs Pedersen gir Rolf Reed en koronavennleg albuehilsen etter utdelinga av fortenestemedaljen

Royal award for academic achievement

Professor Rolf Reed from the Department of Biomedicine was awarded the King's Medal of Merit.

Pills spilling

Drug from BergenBio in clinical trial against COVID-19

UiB spin-off biotech company BergenBio announced that their drug bemcentinib is frast-tracked in a phase-II clinical trial as a potential treatment against COVID-19.