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Subpopulations partitioning of breast cancer cells

The group’s research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms that endow tumor cells with adaptive cellular plasticity in the context of acquired drug resistance. The goal is to determine new avenues of therapeutic intervention to improve our ability to treat aggressive cancers.

The group is part of the Center for Cancer Biomarkers, CCBIO at the Departments of Biomedicine and Department of Clinical Medicine at the University of Bergen, and of the Metabolism and Cancer research unit at the Department of Biomedicine.

Aging and cancer
Light microscopic image of breast tissue labelles with fluorescent dyes

Changes in breast tissue that increase cancer risk

A research team led by James Lorens at the Department of Biomedicine and CCBIO used new technology to determine how breast tissue changes with age may contribute to breast cancer risk. The research is published in Cell Reports, with a commentary on Eureka Alert.

Professor James Lorens

Principal Investigator

The group is headed by professor James Lorens (visit his personal page).