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Storms, ocean currents, raindrops, avalanches, heat waves and CO2 exchange, it all boils down to physics. At Geophysical Institute we explore the driving forces of nature.

We do research and education in meteorology, oceanography and climate, within four resarch groups:


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Are extreme weather events a result of climate change? Can all ice on the earth melt, and what will happen in that case? How will global climate change impact the climate in Norway? Where does the Gulf Stream come from and how do ocean circulations work? How can we tell what the weather is going to be like by just looking at the clouds? Why is it warmer in Norway compared to other places at similar latitudes?
We will teach you how to find the answers.

Here is our study programme, and you we get more information from our student advisors.
Here you find more about the student life at our Institute, and, by the way do know that the job opportunities are very good for our students?


Norwegian jetSTREAM workshop in Oxford

The Norwegian jetSTREAM (Atmospheric jet variability: linking STRucture, Evolution And Mechanisms) crew met for a three days’ workshop in Oxford March 16-18.


Summer school on water, climate and society

Are you a PhD candidate or junior researcher interested in climate change and water? Join us in Bergen in June!

ReseARCH | Climate

Combining climate and social science in local communities

Mark the name ARCPATH, a new Nordic Centre of Excellence on Artic research. The interdisciplinary research centre focuses on predicting climate in the Arctic and its impacts.


Dynamic Meteorology Group retreat to England

The Dynamic Meteorology group of the Geophysical Institute has been on a trip to the United Kingdom this autumn.


Record-breaking online course at UiB

Around 8,000 students from around the world registered for the online course Causes of climate change. More online courses are in the works at the University of Bergen.

We contribute to

Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research and we host Norwegian Research School in Climate Dynamics

Our forefathers

Vilhelm Bjerknes, Harald Sverdrup and Bjørn Helland Hansen. Polar expeditions and the theoretical foundation of modern weather forecasting. A wind of history blows through the corridors of our institute.

What happens after the studies?

The weather influences energy resources and the cost of electricity. In BKK I take part in improving decision making tools for power production. Our aim is to optimize the use of resources, with regard to both economy and the benefit to society.
Fredrik Villanger
Resource planner