UiB (University of Bergen) is connected to academia, industry, business, and public administration in the field of AI through various partnerships. We participate in several national and international e-infrastructures related to AI.

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  • NORA – Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium – is a Norwegian collaboration among eight universities, three colleges, and four research institutes in the fields of AI, machine learning, and robotics. UiB is one of the founding partners of NORA and leads its board in its first three years. Since its inception in 2018, with six universities and a research center, NORA has grown rapidly and doubled the number of partners. NORA now has a national research school, an industry network, and support for startup companies. NORA has established itself as a national authority, consulted on national matters. Together with our partners in NORA, we strengthen Norwegian research, education, and innovation in these fields.
  • Norwegian Cognitive Center is an interdisciplinary initiative building Norway as a strong European AI hub, aiming to attract world-leading expertise. NCC works to enhance expertise in Artificial Intelligence and accelerates AI implementation by sharing and collaborating on data, resources, competence, insights, innovation, and collaborative projects.
  • Media City Bergen is an international knowledge and business cluster centrally located in Bergen. Leading media and technology companies such as NRK, TV2, Vizrt, Bergens Tidene, IBM, BA, and Vimond, along with parts of the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, are based here. The department has extensive education, research, and innovation collaborations with companies in the cluster, providing students with a vibrant media environment.


  • The Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Cloud (NAIC) is an infrastructure and a new collaboration that represents a shift in access to e-infrastructure for artificial intelligence in Norway. NAIC, a collaboration between multiple stakeholders, aims to provide both expertise and tools for artificial intelligence for research, education, and innovation. The infrastructure will meet the needs of artificial intelligence within academia, small and medium-sized businesses, large industries, startups, and public administration.
  • ELIXIR, a distributed infrastructure for biological data, unites Europe's leading life science organizations by managing and safeguarding the increasing volume of data generated by publicly funded research. ELIXIR is a pan-European research infrastructure for bioinformatics, including large databases such as UniProt and Ensembl.
  • Sigma2 provides high-performance computing and data storage services to individuals and groups involved in research and education at all Norwegian universities and colleges, as well as other publicly supported organizations and projects. Sigma2 also coordinates Norway's participation in international collaborations in e-infrastructures.