About UiB AI

UiB AI was established to strengthen collaboration on AI across disciplines and sectors. The aim is increased knowledge and understanding, and a trustworthy and just development of artificial intelligence.

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UiB has strong, internationally recognized groups conducting research in the core components of AI. No other university in Norway has such a comprehensive crossdisciplinary competence in the fundaments of artificial intelligence. Also applied AI research is carried out at all faculties, and our strength is evidenced by the number of centres (SFF, SFI and FKB) that we host or participate in. We cooperate with partners from businesses through our various technology and knowledge clusters involving AI. 

UiB was the first Norwegian university to offer bachelor programs in AI and in Data Science, as well as a master program in machine learning, and we have the largest portfolio of artificial intelligence bachelor and master courses. Our researchers are regularly invited to contribute to doctoral level AI education via international doctoral schools and conference affiliated tutorials.

UiB AI is established to coordinate, promote and make visible these research, education and innovation initiatives ongoing at UiB, and to facilitate for collaboration both between faculties of UiB and with partners and collaborators outside of the university.


UiB AI is coordinated by a steering group with representatives from all the seven faculties at the university: