Anti-Exceptionalism about Logic
Philosophy of language and logic

2nd Anti-Exceptionalism Workshop: Empty Names in Language and Logic

The `Anti-Exceptionalism About Logic' project is organising a joint workshop with The Dublin Philosophy Research Network on empty names.

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Proper names purport to refer particular objects. When those objects do not exist they are called ``empty names''. Despite their lack of reference, empty names play a central role in language, from being used to talk about fictional characters to being used as theoretical terms in scientific abstractions and models. The workshop aims to explore how we should analyse empty names and what ontological commitments, if any, their use entails.

  • What is the meaning of an empty name?
  • How do we reason with empty names?
  • What does an empty name contribute to a proposition?
  • How do empty names figure in propositional attitudes?
  • What is the representational significance of empty names?
  • Does the presence of empty names motivate logical revision?

The workshop is organised together with The Dublin Philosophy Research Network.