Anti-Exceptionalism about Logic

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Gödel and Einstein

The four-year project `Anti-Exceptionalism About Logic' is funded by the Norwegian Research Council in the category `Young Researchers'. The research team consists of Ole Hjortland (Principal Investigator), Paal Antonsen (Postdoctoral Fellow), and Sindre Søderstrøm (PhD student). 

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How do logics explain?
Oct 17

Workshop: How do logics explain?

The Bergen Logic Group and the RCN project `Anti-Exceptionalism About Logic' is organizing its fourth event on topics in the philosophy of logic, October 17-18, 2019.

Gil Sagi
Gil Sagi (Haifa)

Gil Sagi (Haifa University) visits Bergen

Gil Sagi (Haifa University) will visit the Department of Philosophy from October 2nd to October 14th.


Funding for project on philosophy of logic

The four-year project `Anti-Exceptionalism About Logic' has received a grant from the Norwegian Research Council in the category `Young Researchers'. The project leader is Ole Hjortland (Department of Philosophy), and the project will fund a postdoctoral researcher and a PhD student.

Logic as science
Picture of participants

Logic as science

The first official workshop in the Anti-exceptionalist project was entitled `Logic as science'. The workshop gathered nine international speakers working in the philosophy of logic.

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Hjortland og Antonsen

Challenging the privileged status of logic

"Our aim is to strengthen the academic environment for philosophical logic in Norway."