Anti-Exceptionalism about Logic

About the project

The four-year project `Anti-Exceptionalism About Logic' is funded by the Norwegian Research Council in the category `Young Researchers'.


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Logic is a science, and logical theories are continuous with the theories of other sciences. Knowledge of logic, therefore, is as hard earned as knowledge of chemistry, physics, or economics. This is anti-exceptionalism about logic. The position rejects the traditional idea that logical theories have an epistemological privilige, because they are a priori, foundational, analytic, or formal. 

When we reject the idea that logic is exceptional, we are faced with a number of challenges. First, how should theory-choice in logic work? The project aims to develop an account on which logical theories are selected by abductive argument (that is, inference to the best explanation). That in turn requires answers to further questions: What is a logical theory a theory of? And what counts as evidence for such a theory?

A more detailed project description can be found as an attachment below.