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Stars and wings

In a corridor at the Grieg Academy there hangs a series of shapes. They follow two "main templates”, they are wings or stars. The stars are shaped like a little child often draws them, with rough triangular points, but unevenly distributed, without the symmetry that older children learn is correct. The childlike character gives Solveig Lohne's artwork its poetry.

Alf E. Andresen
Alf E. Andresen

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If we look closer, we understand that the stars are asymmetric because they are in motion. They look like they are flying. The wings are also shaped in such a basic way that we need the help of the title to see that they are wings. The painted surfaces that make up the wings and the stars have patterns, they often resemble a lunar landscape, or animal fur. Here and there sharp lines run through the shapes, they are geometric, in contrast to the organic design in most parts of the artwork. There is a contradiction between the main shapes and the drawings on each shape, which leads our attention to the dancing, flighty character of these stars and the wings.

Solveig Lohne (1945 -) is a graphic artist and painter. She was one of the first in Norway to use "shaped canvas", a canvas that is shaped like a figure, not square or round. The shape is thus an integral part of the expression in the picture. A work by Lohne is frequently composed of multiple shaped canvases, often of different sizes. Lohne has made ​​a number of decorations, the largest on the Telemark Central Hospital, and has exhibited in prestigious institutions at home and abroad.