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Non-geometric geometry

In the narrow corridor at the Faculty Administration at the SV hang eight small paintings. Gunnveig Nerol has used criss-crossing lines to create these pictures, which in spite of their abstract design provide a sense of space.

Gunnveig Nerol, 1992.
Gunnveig Nerol, 1992.
Alf E. Andresen

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The paintings are kept in white, charcoal and black; not bright colors, as Nerol elsewhere uses when she "builds" her pictures. Each of the paintings have a main form made up of white lines. They look like three-dimensional pieces of pie, or irregular cubes. The structures, which are "transparent" in the sense that we can see the backmost lines, create a strong sense of depth. Despite the many edges the pictures are perceived as not exactly geometric, since the lines are painted freehand. But geometry is a clear source of inspiration, with a grid painted into each of the pictures.

Gunnveig Nerol has also created a glass mosaic for the SV building. It consists of small glass squares in different colors distributed in the many windows of the staircase, from the third to the eighth floor.

Gunnveig Nerol (1958-) is an artist. She perceives colors as sculptural, and use them actively. Nerol works in various media, for the most part keeping to an abstract style. Nerol has had a number of public art commissions, and has mostly made ​​glass art. Notably, she carried out the decorations for the Ål High School, the Skjold Church in Bergen and Fekjo heritage park at Geilo, the last in collaboration with musician Terje Isungset. Nerol has participated at the Autumn Exhibition four times, and in several regional exhibitions.