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An azure, woven surface meets a laminated, patterned white one. In the contrast between the strong blue and the unassuming white, visual communication occurs, both between the textiles and out towards the viewer.

Solveig Aalberg: Møte IV, 2002.
Solveig Aalberg: Møte IV, 2002.
Alf E. Andresen

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The blue of the woven fabric is smooth and uniform. The focus is therefore on the fabric, which has a distinct texture. Five woven pieces are sewn together, the stitched sections providing additional accents to the rhythm of the surface. The repetitative pattern in the weave is juxtaposed to the other, white fabric, which is much smoother. It is made ​​of laminated cotton, but with patterns stitched on the outside, so that, too, is something more than a two-dimensional surface. Black lines wind like growth rings across the surface. The seemingly random, elegantly wavy movements are reminiscent of Art Nouveau. A broad, blue scroll is sewn vertically, across the other lines.

The textiles are part of the series Møte (Meeting). Here Aalberg exhibited solid woven surfaces next to canvas with stitches, in pairs of two. The colored surface expresses infinity, peace and time, while the laminated section stands for anxiety and restlessness. In this way she examines not only the composition of the materials, but also the atmosphere that occurs when different expressions are set up side by side.

Solveig Aalberg (1955 -) is an artist. She works mostly with textiles and drawing, in an abstract style that seeks to express as much as possible, with simple means. Aalberg has held several solo exhibitions and has participated in major group exhibitions such as the International Fiber Art Biennale in Beijing, the Textile Triennial in Arsenal, Riga, and the Textile Symposium in Riga. She has also been a consultant for public art purchases, and in 2008 she was curator of an exhibition in Gallery Trafo.