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Ludvig Eikaas: Arne-Johan Henrichsen, 1978

Arne-Johan Henrichsen (1918-2005) was Professor of Romance philology from 1956. He was a key person at the French Institute, and helped develop a modern research and teaching environment at the department, including ensuring that Italian was established as a subject at the University of Bergen in 1965, and later also Spanish.

© Ludvig Eikaas / BONO: Portrait of Arne-Johan Henrichsen, 1978.
© Ludvig Eikaas / BONO: Portrait of Arne-Johan Henrichsen, 1978.
Ludvig Eikaas / BONO

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He was Dean of the Faculty of Arts during the period of 1959-61, and sat as Rector for two periods, from 1972 to -77. In 1977 he was appointed Officer of the Order of St. Olav.

Henrichsen was head of the University's Decoration Committee for a period, and his art interest is evident in his painting. Out of the rector portraits, this is by far the most experimental. These portraits are intended to be representative of the person, so they are often painted in a traditional, figurative style. And Eikaas has painted the body shape of the Henrichsen realistically enough. But it is covered, like the rest of the painting, by short, thick brush strokes of green, blue, and a host of other colors. It can be difficult to distinguish Henrichsen’s features in the dynamic play of color, but if we watch the portrait for a while, the person emerges clearly from the chaotic canvas.

Louis Eikaas is known for his versatility as an artist, his artistic practice is not easily pigeonholed. During his career he produced works in a wide range of styles, techniques and motifs. He often worked non-figuratively, but also presented pieces that are closer to pop art, like the famous painting (and later, print) I.