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Colorful machinery

An advanced machinery. That is the first association made by many viewers, when they see Ingvar Holmefjord’s painting from 1968. Geometric fields, with smaller circles, stripes and lines in other colors, create the impression of a homemade device.

Ingvald Holmefjord, 1968.
Ingvald Holmefjord, 1968.
Alf Edgar Andresen

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A red circle dominates the surface of the painting. Inside it, straight lines run between the small triangles on the left side, and small circles on the right. In each of the triangles and squares there are two letters – are they chemical symbols?

Underneath the circle, in the bottom two fields of the painting, there are a series of thread spools. That is certainly what they look like, but the thick threads are running from the bottom of the spools, not coiled around them. The spools induce you to interpret the scene figuratively, and they also give the image a surrealist element.

Ingvald Holmefjord (1941-) studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, with Søren Hjort Nielsen and Richard Mortensen. He has been a member of the Danish group Koloristerne since 1981. In the 1980s he moved to southern France, and the light down there changed the imagery of his pictures to a warmer, more vital expression. Holmefjord started out painting abstractly, but is currently producing landscape paintings.