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Purification is the title of Anna S. Gudmundsdottir’s (b. 1974) contribution to the Odontology building. It refers to the space around it, a university clinic for dental care. The books that are painted in the wall frieze point to its location inside the library.

Anna S. Gudmundsdottir: Purification
Anna S. Gudmundsdottir: Purification
Alf E. Andresen

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Other elements are running water, blue streaks sweeping broadly across the surface, and thin, winding red veins. But first and foremost the subject is open mouths, with things poking into them. Gudmundsdottir has playfully replaced the dental equipment with utensils from the kitchen drawer and toolbox. The pictures combine line drawing and graffiti, the shapes crawling up walls and around corners. Their life and rhythm soften the solidity and fixedness of the architecture. 

For information about Anna S. Gudmundsdottir, see www.gudmundsdottir.com

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