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A figure fills the picture plane. An oval face with no mouth or nose, but with pensive eyes and pronounced eyebrows. The arms are held up towards the face, against the mouth that is not there. The torso is angular, and ends in a ninety-degree angle at the thigh - the person is sitting with its legs drawn up beneath it. It is difficult to say whether it is a man or a woman, and it does not matter.

Ingri Egeberg, Grønn, 2000.
Ingri Egeberg, Grønn, 2000.
Alf E. Andresen

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The figure is outlined with heavy black lines, but the colors that fill the surface are painted with long, lucid brush strokes. It conveys excitement to the painting, a sense of motion even though the person is sitting still. There is a fluid, free quality to the line. The dynamic quality draws us into the surface of the picture, or perhaps it is rather the picture that moves out off the surface in meeting with us.

Ingri Egeberg (1951-) is a painter, illustrator, printmaker and writer. She has received several awards for her books, and has twice been nominated for the Brage Prize. She has also created a children’s TV series, and two cartoons. Characteristic of Egeberg’s art are the quick, determined lines, and a sensitive handling of colors. She has focused a lot on human heads, sometimes with the mouth in the center, other times it's eyes she is concerned with. Egeberg has a very large production. She has had a number of decorative commissions, notably for the NAV and Statoil, and her pictures are bought by, among others, the National Gallery and the Norwegian Parliament.