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Colour Fields

Four fields play together and against each other in this painting by Siren Blytt.

Siren Blytt
Siren Blytt. Maleri
Alf E. Andresen

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The fields are almost monochronous, in autumnal tones. Only in the orange field down to the left, a different color also makes its mark, in black, flower-like shapes – are they blackberries? If they are, they make up the only recognizable motif in the picture. The next field has a fairly uniform color, soft moss green, actually more like the color of lichen.

Over the orange, we find a pale, almost cream-colored square. The fourth part of the surface has the greatest play of colors: rusty brown is partially covered by a clear, red coat. Tones of green and yellow shine through the thick layers of paint. The interaction between the colors gives an impression of early autumn, a forest floor, the smell of heather. At the same time there is no doubt that this is a painting. The painterly quality of the picture allows for free association, and for contemplation.

Siren Blytt (1961-) is an artist. She usually paints abstract paintings, and sometimes makes collages. She has frequently used text fragments in her paintings; they appear while she is listening to music. Blytt has made decorations for the Bønes Church, Hotel Geiranger and The Western Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Vest), and has held several solo exhibitions.