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Bjørn Tvedt: Arnfinn Graue, 1990

Arnfinn Graue (1926-) is a nuclear physicist. He was Associate Professor at the University of Bergen from 1961, and from 1971 Professor of experimental nuclear physics.

Bjørn Tvedt: Portrett av Arnfinn Graue, 1990
Bjørn Tvedt: Portrett av Arnfinn Graue, 1990
Alf E. Andresen

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Having been Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences from 1978 to -80, he sat as Pro-rector from 1981 to -83, and then as Rector in the period 1984-89. Graue was a Norwegian delegate to CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, from 1984, and was President of the CERN Finance Committee 1988-91.

Graue is depicted standing, with hands folded in front of him. He looks straight at the viewer, confident in his position. Graue is dressed in suit and tie, with the Rector’s chain hanging around his neck. Tvedt has painted him realistically, but made the background as streaks of color rippling around the Rector, almost like an aura.

Bjørn Tvedt (1920 -) has focused on portraits, murals and decorative material works through a long career as a painter and sketcher. He paints in a naturalistic rendering style, with a tendency to impressionism in backgrounds and landscapes. Tvedt has had numerous public art commissions, including the Askøy Town Hall, the staircase to the Polio Institute at Haukeland Hospital, and the new building of J.O. Odfjell in Bergen.