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Death visits campus

He calls himself Argus and is one of our finest street artists. Now he has let Death onto the university campus.

Argus: Døden
Argus: Døden
Alf E. Andresen

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The Grim Reaper, also called the Angel of Death or just plain Death, is an old symbol of death in European cultural history, and lives on in contemporary popular culture. The figure is often portrayed as a sinister, human skeleton, clothed in a floor-length hooded cloak. He carries a scythe in his hand, as a sign that death reaps life and souls like the farmer cuts his grain, leaving not a single ear of corn in his wake. Argus gives a humorous bow to this historical figure by replacing the scythe with a lawnmower. The photo can be seen from the parking lot in Nygårdsgaten/Lars Hilles gate, at the back of a house that will be demolished when the new technology building is erected.