Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting in Health (BCEPS)

Alrekdagene 2023

The Alrek days (Alrekdagene) are an arena for taking up challenges that we best solve across the board! This year's agenda is about setting priorities.

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Main content

Clear messages about tightening and prioritization have come from the ministerial team to both the health sector and research & higher education. For this reason, 2023 is the year to prioritize, and this will be the main theme for this year's Alrek days. Which areas are in danger of being de-prioritized when the funds become fewer, and what long-term effects can today's prioritization choices have?

BCEPS staff will participate in different sessions discussing priorities in life and health, the severity of disease, where and when prioritization decisions are made, and much more. 

Check the organiser's website for more information.

The event will be in Norwegian and the registration deadline is 12 September 2023.