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Honorary Member of the Norwegian Society of Pathology

The CCBIO Director Lars A. Akslen was recently awarded as Honorary Member of the Norwegian Society of Pathology (DNP). Akslen has former been chairman of the association during two periods, 2008-2012.

Lars A. Akslen receiving the token of the award, a painting.
Lars A. Akslen receiving the token of the honorary membership, an artwork by the artist Harald Kryvi, of a wise owl from Bergen, sitting on an umbrella.
Cecilie Alfsen

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Dynamic leader and strategic organizer

In their reasoning for the distinction, the DNP explains: «Lars A. Akslen has made significant contributions to clinically oriented cancer research both nationally and internationally, and has gained international recognition through many years. He is a dynamic leader and strategic organizer of a particularly active and productive research community in cancer research, with substantial publishing activity in highly acclaimed journals. He has received a number of prizes, including the King Olav V's Cancer Research Prize (2009). He is an elected member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters from 2013."

A wise Bergen owl

"The choice of the artwork "A wise Bergen owl" by the local Bergen artist (and anatomy professor) Harald Kryvi, says everything about Lars A. Akslens’s position in DNP. Lars has been and is a major supporter of DNP, both politically and certainly professionally. Akslen was behind the update of the «Veileder i biopsibesvarelser av maligne svulster» (Guidelines for biopsy interpretations of malignant tumors) from 2010 and has for a number of years led the specialist groups for melanoma and breast pathology. He understands the importance of education and has been primus motor for a number of professional courses for Norwegian specialist candidates, most recently the research course before the DNP Annual Meeting. He also introduced DNP's research prize and research grant. It is only proper that he now himself receives the most prestigeous award in the form of a honorary membership. Well deserved!»

Get engaged and broaden your horizon

In his acceptance speech, Akslen gave three tips for future pathologists:

1. Engage in research. Research enriches everyday life and makes us better practicing pathologists.

2. Engage in the Norwegian Society of Pathology, academically or politically. This is particularly important these days with constant restraint attempts of the Medical Association's bodies and medical professional councils.

3. Change workplace. Don't take your entire education in one place, but move around and experience other environments nationally and internationally.