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Best presentation at the NSGO Annual Meeting

CCBIO PhD Candidate Hilde Engerud in the Gynecologic Cancer Research Group was awarded with Best Presentation at the annual meeting of the Norwegian Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics this fall, October 25 and 26 2018.

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Hilde presented her project ”Growth differentiation factor-15 as an independent marker for aggressive disease in endometrial cancer”.

GDF-15 is physiologically highly expressed in the placenta and over-expression is reported in several cancer types. The group wanted to explore the role of GDF-15 in predicting recurrence. Plasma levels GDF-15 were measured by ELISA. Increased plasma levels of GDF-15 were associated with reduced disease-spesific survival and shorter time to recurrence. Preoperative levels of plasma GDF-15 were significantly higher for patients who later experienced recurrence than for patients who did not develop recurrent disease. Plasma samples were collected at time of recurrence from 36 patients, and compared to corresponding plasma samples collected at time of primary treatment.

Plasma levels of GDF-15 at recurrence were significantly higher than plasma levels of GDF-15 measured at time of primary diagnosis. GDF-15 is an independent marker for recurrence when adjusting for age, histological type and myometrial infiltration. GDF-15 is a relevant marker for bigger studies and clinical studies.

Congratulations to Hilde!

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