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CCBIONeur910: Patient and Public Involvement in Medical and Health Research, 2021

The course aims to inspire increased user participation in research trials and will present methods on how to involve user representatives. This is highly relevant to all biomedical research fields, and Patient and Public Involvement is documented to positively impact the relevance and efficacy in medical research. 

Doctor discussing with a patient.

Main content

The main objective of the course is to develop the participants’ capacity to assess and convey the value of patient and public involvement in general, as well as promoting productive user involvement in their own research projects.

Nina Jebsen (CCBIO), Kjell-Morten Myhr (Neuro-SysMed) and Tone Skår (Neuro-SysMed and VIS) are academic responsible for new course Patient and Public Involvement in Medical and Health Research. The course is a collaboration between CCBIO and Neuro-SysMed, initiated by Neuro-SysMed, as they have a strong focus on patient participation in their activities.

Administrative coordinators are Pål Tore Bentsen from CCBIO and Hilde Norborg from Neuro-SysMed.

The course spans over 3 days (onset 3.-5. Nov. 2021), and will combine plenary discussions and group sessions involving user representatives and patient organizations, with presentations from national and international lecturers.

On board, to share their experiences and knowledge, are UiB Professor Bettina Husebø and co-researcher/user representative Rune Samdal, former head of UK NIHR National Director for Patients Simon Denegri, and Professor in theory of science Roger Strand, among other inspirational lecturers.

The primary language will be Norwegian, in order to facilitate communication with the patient representatives.

When: November 3-5, 2021

Where: On-site participation, room at the Eitri center, Haukeland University Hospital.

Program: See the program here.

Registration: Will be available in Studentweb as of July 1, deadline September 5. Please register in Studentweb if you are already enrolled at the UiB. If you are not enrolled at the UiB, you register through Søknadsweb, where you simultaneously apply for UiB guest student status (also deadline September 5). 

Available for non-ECTS participation: Yes, for a limited number of patient representatives.

No fee.


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