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Startup seminar for Carina Strell

Save the date for a startup seminar for Carina Strell!

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Melanie Burford, Trond Mohn stiftelse

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Startup seminar for Carina Strell: Perspectives on early breast cancer – molecular biology and epidemiology.

When: August 25, 2022 at 13.00-16.00 

Where: The auditorium in Armauer Hansens Hus (AHH)

Main speakers Carina Strell, Therese Sørlie and Solveig Hofvind, followed by plenary discussions.

Join us in welcoming Carina Strell to Bergen and CCBIO! Registration through this link.

Carina Strell received in December 2021 a Trond Mohn Foundation starting grant for her project Understanding Early Breast Cancer Evolution in Space and Time (EvoMaps). Strell has a long-term collaboration with the Akslen group, and her project will be embedded at CCBIO, commencing in Bergen in 2022. She aims to establish a competitive research group within the field of early breast cancer, investigating the biological mechanisms behind why some women experience recurrent and/or treatment resistant disease while others do not. The hypothesis is that breast cancer progression and therapy response is not only dependent on the tumor cells alone, but also on the surrounding tissue microenvironment. Through adaptation of the in-situ sequencing technique to the Hyperion Imaging System at CCBIO, Strell will perform a systematic exploration of the genetic properties of tumor cells in relation to their surrounding microenvironment over the course of disease progression and the development of treatment resistance. The overall aim of this project is to uncover and map new mechanisms of early breast cancer evolution, and to improve current diagnostic tools for breast cancer patients, reduce the treatment burden for women with early-stage breast cancer and thus improve their quality of life and spare them treatment related comorbidities.