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JUSS – CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium

CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium

Welcome to the first CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium of the spring term 2023! Lunch is included, just remember to register.

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Dear all

We are happy to welcome you all to the CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium, February 2nd, 2023. This seminar series is a perfect place to meet and interact with other young scientists. We anticipate lively and interesting discussion also this time. We are looking forward to the keynote lecture by CCBIO researcher Harsh Dongre, who will talk about how to make the jump of academic independence and establish your own research group. The program spans several exiting topics including small molecule drug discovery in prostate cancer, PDX models as preclinical tools for investigating myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), mitochondrial trafficking in the tumour microenvironment and the role of CEL in pancreatic disease. Please register within January 30th at 11.00.  

Join us for a perfect occasion for professional input and networking!

When: February 2, 2023 at 09.00-13.00
Where: Room B301, Sentralblokka 3rd floor, Haukeland University Hospital
Registration: at this link (reg. deadline is January 30 at 11.00)

09.00-09.15: Introduction  
09.15-10.00: “My insights on making the jump: transitioning to academic independence?” Keynote lecture by Harsh Dongre 
10.00-10.20: Coffee break  
10.20-10.45: “Drug discovery of small molecules against prostate cancer” by Yaping Hua 
10.45-11.10: “Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models as preclinical tool for investigation of myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS)” by Angela Sofia Geros Mesquita 
11.10-12:00 Lunch (free of charge, register within January 30 at 11.00)  
12:00-12:25: “Mitochondria transfer from the microenvironment promotes oxidative metabolism and invasion of glioblastoma” by Shannon Moreino 
12.25-12:50: “The role of CEL in pancreatic disease“ by Ranveig Seim Brekke 
12:50-13:00: Concluding remarks  

Mari Kyllesø Halle and Vladan Milosevic are coordinators of the junior seminars from the fall term of 2022, and are planning and chairing these meetings. Any questions can be addressed to them.