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CONVERGING ON THE PERSON. Emerging Technologies for the Common Good

CCBIO PI Roger Strand will hold the opening lecture "Ethical issues of converging technologies" at the online international workshop "Converging on the Person, Emerging Technologies for the Common Good", February 20–21, 2023, in the Vatican City, Rome.

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New technologies described as “emergent” and “convergent” include information and communication technologies, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies and robotics. The results obtained from these techologies may imply profound interventions on living organisms. The workshop will discuss a pressing need to understand these epochal changes and new frontiers in order to determine how to place them at the service of the human person, while respecting and promoting the intrinsic dignity of all.

Open for all in a free online workshop, February 20-21, 2023.

For program and registration, see this page.