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CCBIO Seminar - Jarle Breivik

CCBIO Seminar December 17th with speaker Jarle Breivik on the topic "Cancer and aging: Facing realities and an uncertain future".

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Speaker: Jarle Breivik from the Department of Behavioural Sciences in Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo.

Title: "Cancer and aging: Facing realities and an uncertain future"

Abstract: The medical research community has for decades sustained the myth that the solution to cancer is just around the corner. The fact is that today's cancer epidemic is not a problem that modern medicine is about to solve - it is a problem we are about to create. It is therefore necessary to communicate a more realistic understanding of cancer and cancer research. Here I will discuss this problem of cancer communication in relation to the fundamental problem of cancer biology. How do we explain to the public that cancer is a natural consequence of aging - and that the better we get at treating cancer, the longer we live and the more cancer there will be in the population? Is there a way to beat this problem - and if so, what kind of world are we creating? 

Time: 14.30

Chair: Lars A. Akslen.

After the seminar, CCBIO is pleased to invite you to a get-together outside the auditorium where pizza and beverages will be served. 

We welcome all interested researchers, students and others!