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CCBIO Seminar June 16th - Gwendalyn J. Randolph

Welcome to the CCBIO Seminar series 2016.

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Apart from the interesting talks, the CCBIO seminars are a good way to meet CCBIO members and associates. Please feel free to inform others about this seminar as all are welcome both to the lecture and the pizza get-together afterwards.

Invited speakerGwendalyn J. Randolph, Division of Immunology, School of Medicine, Washington University in St. Lois, USA.

Time: 14:30
Host: Rolf K. Reed

Title: The Lymphatic vasculature in immunity and inflammatory disease


The lymphatic vasculature regulates the tissue microenvironment by controlling the passage of fluid, macromolecules, and immune cells to draining lymph nodes. We have come to recognize that the activities of the lymphatic vasculature in turn tune immune responses, including anti-tumor immunity and regulation of the pre-metastatic niche. In this seminar, I will present data that highlights the immunological roles of a specialized part of the lymphatic vasculature called collecting lymphatics. Although collecting vessels have not previously been linked to the immune response, the seminar will connect regulation of the permeability within collecting vessels to the regulation of chronic inflammation and immunity.