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Adventure Games!

Sarah Edmands Martin and Patrick Jagoda exhibiting a new game in the CDN glass house.

White text on black background: "Welcome to Adventure!"
Welcome to Adventure!
Sarah Edmands Martin and Patrick Jagoda

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Embark on a journey through the world of “Adventure Games!” by Sarah Edmands Martin and Patrick Jagoda. This text-based game begins with an invitation to explore otherworldly mysteries in the pursuit of freedom. 

The Hero and their crew hails from the Opeur kingdom, a land where hard work is revered above all else. Outsiders view the Opeur people with a mix of disdain and curiosity, labeling them freaks, fanatics, crooks, and criminals. But the Hero seeks a change. Beyond the horizon, across a treacherous and vast expanse, lies Kacharichiy Cave and its treasures.

Captain’s logs and shipwreck notes hint at the Cave’s existence, but no expedition has ever set out directly for it. Its precise coordinates remain uncharted.

What drives you? What lies at the heart of Kacharichiy Cave? Is it Freedom—the most precious element imaginable? In a world of rigid hierarchies and unyielding order, you yearn to break free. Can you honor your Sovereign while pursuing a different path? Your adventure becomes a tribute, sanctioned by the wise Sovereign who senses an impending transition. You’ll represent Them beyond Opeur, and share in all the riches you discover.

The exhibition is presented by the CDNs Artistic Integrated Research (AIR) node.

The game designers

Sarah Edmands Martin is an Assistant Professor at the University of Notre Dame, working with speculative design and storytelling. She is a 2024 Fulbright Scholar at the University of Bergen, researching and designing digital folk tales.

Patrick Jagoda is a Professor of English and Cinema at the University of Chicago, working in media theory, game studies, and twentieth and twenty-first century American literature. In addition to his academic work, he is a co-founder of Game Changer Chicago Design Lab and the Transmedia Story Lab.