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Web seminar with Dominique Pasquier

Navigating Digital Equality: Dominique Pasquier's Insights on the Impact of Internet Popularity in France

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Dominique Pasquier via Cerlis

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The surge in Internet usage among the French population raises an intriguing question: to what extent has this digital revolution fostered cultural equalization and democratization? Dominique Pasquier, a prominent sociologist from Télécom Paris Tech, explores this intricate intersection between technology and culture. Highlighting the enduring influence of gender, cultural capital, and family socialization, Pasquier delves into the evolving dynamics of cultural accessibility in the digital age.

Pasquier's noteworthy contributions extend beyond her role as a French sociologist to include authorship of influential works such as La culture des sentiments. L´expérience télévisuelle des adolescents (1999) and Cultures lycéennes. La tyrannie de la majorité (2005). In these publications, Pasquier employs extensive ethnographic research to unravel the complexities of cultural socialization among French youth, particularly within the realm of television and high school cultures.

In her latest work, the focal point of the seminar, Pasquier examines the impact of increased Internet access on cultural dynamics. She unveils a paradox where despite the expanding opportunities presented by the Internet, traditional barriers persist, particularly in relation to gender and cultural capital. Notably, Pasquier emphasizes how cultural creativity online remains predominantly wielded by the youth of the upper middle and upper classes. A key revelation lies in the enduring significance of family socialization, acting as a crucial determinant for the persistence of these disparities.

Dominique Pasquier's research serves as a critical lens through which we analyze the transformative effects of the Internet on cultural democratization in France. Her findings underscore the persistence of traditional barriers and the crucial role of family socialization in shaping the digital cultural landscape. As we navigate this evolving terrain, Pasquier's work prompts reflection on the challenges and opportunities presented by the intersection of technology and culture in contemporary society.