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Network for culture, inequality and democracy (KUD/CID) researches connections between the culture and media field (understood as audience, use, texts, institutions and politics) and social inequality, with a particular focus on implications for democracy, participation and citizenship. The network is led by Jan Fredrik Hovden and Torgeir Uberg Nærland.

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Nov 03

Workshop: Changing Classes, Cultural and Political Lifestyles

Unveiling Dynamics of Change: Insights from the Workshop on Culture, Inequality, and Democracy

Guest lecture
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Nov 01

Guest lecture with Philippe Coulangeon

Unveiling Cultural Shifts: Insights from Philippe Coulangeon's Open Guest Lecture

PhD workshop
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Dec 13

PhD workshop with Ezequiel Ramon Pinat

Unveiling the Dynamics of Social Media in Social Movements: Insights from Ezequiel Ramon's Seminar

Web seminar
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Apr 20

Web seminar with Dominique Pasquier

Navigating Digital Equality: Dominique Pasquier's Insights on the Impact of Internet Popularity in France

Web seminar
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Dec 15

Web seminar with Pierre Merckle

Unveiling the Cultural Tapestry of French Teenagers: Insights from Pierre Mercklé's Research


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